Inhouse Facilities

Sampling Centre

We have a vast and well organized sampling centre which plays a crucial role in transforming design sketches to actual products. Equipped with specialized sewing machines, this unit can easily reproduce various designs according to international trends as specified by the design studio.


This department handles all CAD/CAM aided pattern making, grading and development as based on Lectra’s CAD/CAM software and equipments. Patterns can also be transferred and received digitally from global buyers at this unit.

Fabric Checking & Cutting

Fabric inspection is an important aspect followed prior to garment manufacturing to ensure that the fabric used is of the highest quality. Pattern pieces are laid and traced out on the fabric to be cut. Cutters guide electric cutting machines around the perimeter of pattern pieces, cutting through the fabric stack. Absolute precision is required during this stage of garment manufacture.

Placement Priniting

The company has 12 colour computerized placement printing machinery with globally approved colours and standards.


All the garment manufacturing units contain computerized multihead embroidery machines that enable us to meet all the demands of placement embroideries, badges and appliqués.

Special Techniques

The Company has many kinds of specialized machinery for special techniques such as Smocking, Fagoting, Pleating.