Purba Apparels Limited

Established: 1997
Area: 10 acres

he mill has vertically integrated operations right from yarn dying to fabric weaving and fabric finishing
Capacity: 1.5 tonnes of yarn dyeing per day. 2,50,000 meters of fabric per month
In-house garment manufacturing unit with a capacity of 45,000 pieces per month.
RO (Reverse Osmosis) based filtration facility for removal of salts and other impurities from water to meet the most demanding specifications that are currently in place.
Effluent treatment plant that treats the laundry waste water at a low cost by removing highly toxic effluents from water, thus making it safe for irrigation.

Commitment towards the environment:

The Shirt Company makes a special effort to preserve and improve the environment. Efficient effluent treatment plants are installed at all our garment manufacturing units.

Together Textile Mills at Coimbatore is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis System for waste management. Reverse Osmosis virtually removes all organic compounds and up to 99% of all ions from waste water. The recycled water is then reused by the factory.

Effluent Treatment Plants treat laundry waste water at each of the garment manufacturing units. This process effectively manages waste reduction. The resultant water provides low cost irrigation to the surrounding areas.